Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Wear a Modern Vintage Dress

October 25 2011 075.1

What can you do with a modern vintage dress? 

Easily as basic as a little black dress, this little brown number from the 1970s is cute all by itself.  But here I’ve mixed it up with other pieces to show how versatile a vintage dress can be.   

There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing vintage to avoid looking costume-y.  First, look for pieces that have at least a few classic elements and look timeless.  The brown dress is a classic color as well as design. 

Second, pair the vintage garment with other classic-looking vintage, or new items. 

October 25 2011 076.1

Above:  with a vintage pink scarf.  Where would you wear this?  On a date?  To a party? 

October 25 2011 079

With a 1980s-does-1940s yellow jacket and my personal favorite vintage flower brooch.  Good work outfit. 

October 25 2011 080

With a not-vintage leather jacket.  

October 25 2011 082

With a not-vintage cotton cardigan and vintage leather belt. 

October 25 2011 084

With a big square vintage silk scarf. 

If my dress form had feet, we could look at how SHOES work with a vintage dress.  Keeping your footwear modern is probably the easiest way of all to avoid looking like you’re actually living in the past.  But that’s for another time.   ♥

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love, sallymandy

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