Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter 2014 Fashion Trend: The Big Coat

the big coat

As a vintage clothes seller (and girl who loves to be cozy), I’m thrilled that one of this winter’s top runway trends is the big coat.

Seriously. As a I write from my kitchen table in western Montana, there’s a howling wind outside and the National Weather Service is warning us about something called a polar vortex that’s descending on about half the country. It’s approximately one degree Fahrenheit outside. So…umm, yeah, I’m into a big, warm coat right about now.

But beyond my personal chill factor, the big coat is a trend that’s totally  suited to vintage shopping.  For one thing, most of the current offerings are retro-inspired or even very close copies of vintage styles. So by shopping vintage, you’re pretty sure to find something that looks on-trend.

Second, you can get an actual vintage big coat for way less than you would be able to buy a new one. Most actual vintage big coats are wool or wool blends, and they tend to be extremely well made.  For a similar piece made brand new today, you’re looking a many hundreds of dollars, if not more.

To show you what I mean, I’ve rounded up some cute, cozy, and affordable vintage big coats. They’re all from vintage shops on Etsy, including my own.

Oversize Coat / 1960s Wool Plaid / Pink Orange / Medium Large INCLUDES SHIPPING

Wool Pastel Plaid Oversize Coat, Size M-L, $79.

Plaid Pendleton Wool Coat Jacket / 60s 70s / Big Collar Beautiful Colors M-L

Plaid Pendleton Wool Big Coat, Size M.  $79

Big Band Mustard Yellow Swing Coat // 1990s I. Magnin Swing Coat

Big Band Mustard Yellow Swing Coat, Size 8, $148.

VINTAGE Wool Swing Coat / L / Purple / Burgundy / Pink Lining / Big Glitter Buttons / Alex Catalano

Vintage Swing Coat, Size L, $132.

I love the colors of these big coats. Where I live, we pretty much have five gray months a year. These crayon-box colors would warm up the spirits as well as the body.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s not to love about these coats.  What about you….are you feeling warm yet?


Marie Southard Ospina said...

Gorgeous roundup of coats. That tartan one is glorious!

sallymandy said...

Thanks! The tartan one is my favorite too, and if it was my size, it would be in my closet. :)