Sunday, January 18, 2009

Restored: Street Fashion From Missoula--Event for the Blue Mountain Clinic at the Wilma Theater

In taking these photos, I used something I read on The Sartorialist. He picks people whose clothes have some element that can be used as inspiration or shows thoughtfulness in choice. Some of the people I photographed were dressed very casually, but they all had something on that I liked or thought was well put together. In the original post, before I lost my posts, I had those details. It's just the photos this time. It was really fun and I appreciated all the people.

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Protege said...

Aw, aw, I am so sorry!!! That is terrible, I would be so sad if I lost all my posts. I think you should contact the blogger and let them know; even if it is free, I am sure they want us to enjoy using their site, not have problems.;))

I seem to have difficulties sometimes, that my post are posted twice or three times! Furthermore, when just writing a draft and I hit return after writing the title, the empty post gets published.:P