Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Remix Your Vintage Fashion Finds

Imogen Lamport’s blog, Inside Out Style, has great suggestions about all kinds of style questions. 

These can be especially helpful when you find something unusual and one of a kind at vintage clothing shop—but aren’t sure how to style it.  Below are links to some of my favorite posts from Imogen.  They are illustrated with items from my vintage clothes shop

How to Wear Stripes


How to Mix Prints and Patterns


Adding Color to Black


Re-fashion, Re-vamp, Recycle, Renew


and, last but not least:

How to Hide Your Tummy (these cute models don’t have tummies to hide, so there’s no photo for this)! 

Go have a look at Imogen’s blog

!  And for more cute vintage clothes, you can visit Chronologie Vintage here



Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Wow - thanks Sallymandy!

Zuzana said...

The "how to wear stripes" will be interesting for me as I am a bit afraid of wearing them.;)) I am fine with patterns, but stripes in clothes are just too geometrical for me.;) So I will for sure take a look.
Have a great Friday sallymandy.;))

Ingrid Mida said...

I clicked over onto Imogen's blog. Thanks for the link. While I'm pretty comfortable in my style (I go for anything Audrey Hepburn like), I found her blog to be delightful.

Sal said...

Imogen is just brilliant, isn't she?

Gal Friday said...

I loved the ideas for combining patterns(like floral with stripes which I never thought of before!).
I love stripes in general (from the navy and white French bateau top I found for cheap in a consignment shop to all my striped knee socks)and now I have another blog to go visit.
I like that old Life photo--ah, to be that lady in red making everyone stare!

sallymandy said...

Imogen: you're welcome!

Protege: Me too about the stripes. I've never thought that much about them. This year I had an interest in them, but thought they were "widening." Imogen's post on stripes really cleared it up.

Ingrid: You can't go wrong with Audrey Hepburn-like.

Sal: Yes, has so many insights and a way of presenting them really clearly.

Gal Friday: I love the pattern mixing post too. Funny about your bateau top. I recently found a black and white French bateau top, cheap in a thrift store.

The Life photo is called "Dior Model in Russia." !!