Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Loves Jane Birkin?

Now, I’m not too familiar with Jane Birkin’s music or acting careers.  And I know that in her younger years she was often photographed without any clothes at all. 

But I love her fashion sense of today. 

Here are some photos of her middle-age wardrobe – photos that have lessons for all of us about “appropriate,” yet youthful, clothing.           

Neutrals in quality fabrics…


Monochromatic classics with a subtle menswear vibe.


Comfort and playfulness…


And, finally, the best accessories:  A wide smile and a feeling that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. 


Have a great Tuesday! 


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Protege said...

Is it her on the top of the page wearing red? I have always loved that picture as it has been there for a while.;)) I would totally wear that red top with the fur lining.;))
I love the way she looks in the rest of the clothes as well; you are right - she makes them look good.;))
My style is more feminine ad bohemian eclectic, therefore I do not own (nor wear) "tomboyish" fashion.
But I so love it on others,;))

Vildy said...

I absolutely love it. Love her grins, too. What complicates it for me is that her clothing has a lot of drapiness and "excess" fabric. More and more I am thinking I do better with fewer knits, more structure. Don't know how anyone pulls off that degree of a relaxed look with structured pieces, though.

Stephanie N. said...

She looks so confident, so at ease with herself. Her style reminds me of Julie Christie's (in more recent decades).

Deja Pseu said...

I love the androgyny, whimsicality, simplicity and ease of her style. I think you have to be taller to carry off the volume that she does, but lots here to inspire!

The Clever Pup said...

Je t'aime Jane Birkin.

I saw her in a Vanity Fair from about 5-6 years ago. Amazing looking for her age. Obviously she has good genes on her side.

She and Serge Gainsbourgh recorded Je T'aime in '68 when my 15 year old brother was a mass of soppy emotional hormones. Ah, yes, I remember it well. Despite the fact that I was 6 at the time.

Duchesse said...

I have adored Jane Birkin ever since her Serge Gainsbourg days- if you can rent the film "Daddy Dearest" see it, she's wonderful in it. You can see Jane & Serge on YouTube.

Protege, that is she in red.

Jane Birkin dreses to suit her rangy build, and has a personal style that is quite 'strict' in the French sense of the word: no extra embellishment. Little evident makeup and very natural hair. (Cut by the best.) What lifts this look from just an 'everyday person not fussing much' is the quality of her clothes and accessories, and the fit.

Modest Mom said...

She's quite lovely. I'd love to have the 14 outfits to just grab, too. :-)

I have a few too many curves and bumps to dress quite the way she does -- but what I can learn from her is to smile and enjoy being in my own skin.

Side note -- I'm working on my second reading of the Pocket Stylist. Learning a lot and playing around with some suggestions. Thanks for the great tip!

Anonymous said...

Lovely -- as is everything jane b. fell in love with her and serge and charlotte all at once after stumbling across serge's grave in paris in 2002. --John

Relyn said...

It doesn't suit my life as an elementary school teacher, but I love the idea of pretty dresses. Shifts, really. You need great shoes, a statement necklace and you look great. OH. I wish.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

SM: I hate Birkin's gawky Englishness on TV in France - They love her, but to me her French still sounds as it must have when she was 14... I do love Charlotte, her daughter, however, and I do see how well Jane dresses herself - A friend of mine tells me that the French always look so chic as everything is tailored after purchase by 'the little woman along the street', so the fit to each woman's 'taille' is always impeccable - Do you think that is the case with La Birkin?

Maria Killam said...

I completely agree with you. Then you don't have to think, you just get dressed every day. That would be the best! I love looking at what other people are wearing!

Ms. Lucy said...

I like it! I find the look so versatile and adaptable to many places and situations. thanks:)

aims said...

I don't know who this woman is but I do like her style. It's easy. And I like her colours too.

Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with her but I have admired the picture you have at the top of your page. She is a natural beauty and I hope she has a naturally beautiful personality to match.
I had the gap tooth smile most of my life. My mother did not want me to have braces to close it up because she said it was part of my personality. After the age of 45 or so I felt it was becoming more hideous with age and my face sagging around it so I had braces. I do miss my gap tooth smile of my youth and like to see a nice one on others. Sometimes it more cute than others.

Imogen Lamport said...

It works so well for her, but would look ridiculous on me!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I adore Jane Birkin also love her free and easy style. I am sometimes a menswear-wearer myself, being tall and lanky.

sallymandy said...

Protege: Yes, that's Jane in the top photo.

Vildy: I see what you mean now. Maybe she pulls it off because she's thin?

Stephanie: I haven't seen Julie Christie recently but now I'm curious.

Deja: you named four qualities I also love in her clothes.

Clever: that's a funny story about your brother. Mine was all hung up on the Rolling Stones at that age; some songs will forever be ingrained in my brain as a result.

Duchesse: I have not seen Daddy Dearest, but it sounds worth finding.

Modest: Glad you're getting something out that book. It was very helpful to me.

John: Thanks for stopping by.

Woman of No: Interesting, of course, to hear a European perspective, because Jane's not much of a presence here other than via the Internet.

Maria: I've been thinking about "ready made" outfits all week, since I made this post!

Ms Lucy: and it looks so comfortable, too!

aims: Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Anon.: Reminds me of Lauren Hutton.

Imogen: Well, you certainly know about styles and body type!

Wanderer: I love menswear too, though I now look for smaller injections of it, like a vest.