Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recycled Tee Shirt Skirt, Custom Made for a Blue Kimono Reader!

I made this skirt for one of my lovely Canadian readers.  It’s a custom knee skirt made from my original design.  Thank you, dear bloggie friend!

katsskirtfixed for blog

I used pieces from nine or ten different cotton knit garments for this original design.  The waistband is made from a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sweat pants. 


Everything is post-consumer, recycled material that I’ve cleaned to within an inch of its life and put together carefully on my thirty-year-old sewing machine. 


I made another skirt very much like this—same colors and styling—for a second customer who liked it and ordered on it her size. 

My online shop is here:

Happy Week! 




Kat Mortensen said...

*Rubbing hands together in anticipation.*

I'll let you know the minute I receive it in my mail, sallymandy.


P.S. Maybe it's my computer, but your pictures have a purplish cast to them. Do you see that too?

Saz said...

so glad you dropped by....l'm not around so much and l've missed your blog, you are in and out also arent you!!
thanks for your kind words,my life has been shit lately and l so appreciate my blogland friends!!

luv saz x

aims said...

I like how you recycle. It means a lot to some people.

Marilynne said...

You are so creative! I love the skirt and the fact that it's recycled.

Seeker said...

I'm with Marilynne, the skirt is so nice and the fact that it's recycled...

Hope all is great with you, darling.


Ingrid Mida said...

I'm sure your purchaser can hardly wait for it to arrive. It looks both comfy and stylish. Kudos!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Ciao B!
I'm not around blogland very much. I've missed visiting you and seenig how your blog has evolved so creatively.

Life's not so great lately, I'm swimming in shallow finances, loneliness and very deskbound (trying to get this freelance writing to lift off). But I'm making changes at AO&P and hopefully that'll bring some light and fresh air.

I'm so happy your post consumer clothing business is soaring!! Brava!
I miss you

ceecee said...

Hi lovely Sallymandy,

Hope all is well and that your new endeavors are keeping you busy and happy. So many changes in your life this year. It will be rejuvenating for you to start a new blog. I was thinking of it myself...played around with new templates and colors. It was really fun. Ideas are brewing.

Yes, no problem with mention on Twitter. I really don't know anything about it, but I do so appreciate that you enjoy my blog. You know, sometimes you're not sure of what your doing or what people are thinking and it's nice to hear something positive. I try to let go of the doubt...but of course it always lingers.

Best wishes and many thanks,
Catherine xx

wencybrooks said...

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