Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ultimate DIY. Crochet-Covered Car

Found this morning in Ready Made Magazine

I just love this.  I’d never want to drive it.  How would you clean the dead bugs off?  What about when it rains?  Would you just get this cover out for an occasional, slow drive around the block on a sunny day?

crochet covered car

Whatever.  It’s gorgeous and incredible and makes me smile.  People and their ideas never cease to amaze.  



Seeker said...

OMG, this is too cute in a way and weird too :-)


Zuzana said...

It is very cute.;)) And I agree, it is amazing what peoples creativity can result in.;))

Elizabeth said...

That is a great car! (Although, I would have practical misgivings about the dead bug problem).

sallymandy said...

It looks like whoever did this work had some crazy huge crochet hook. I just love the colors.

La Belette Rouge said...

It's what all the well dressed cars are wearing.;-) Hilarious. And I am sure it keeps the car cozy and warm.

Lianne said...

I love this. Absolutely love it. I once knit a cover for our microwave. It was really cute but like this car cover, not very practical. Oh well, that's quite often the way isn't it.

Beth Morey said...

I sent this post to my crocheting mom. It's great!