Monday, January 26, 2009

Restored: Colors for 2009 Point to Rough Economy

Here are all the colors the Pantone Institute has picked out for 2009. Remember the "Color of the Year" is Mimosa.

A news article on said: "It's kind of an odd palette. [W]henever they show this much beige, it usually means the stock market is in for a rough ride. Clearly, the fashion industry thinks the recession will still be with us for spring, but the little pops of bright color show at least a modicum of hopefulness for an economic recovery. "

I didn't know that beige is connected to a poor economy. Did you?

Leatrice Eiseman, who runs the Pantone Institute, thinks Michelle Obama's yellow inauguration dress was a good color for the economy.
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Zuzana said...

I think of beige as a very classical, natural colour. And of course very neutral as well and stylish.
I have very few clothes items in that color though myself, as it makes me look even more pale than I am already.;)

Gal Friday said...

Are these colors we can expect to see in home furnishing and home products, as well as clothing? I like the green shades in the color chart above, especially.
To add to what Protege was saying about wearing beige clothing, I also own little in that color except for a very conservative "twin set" I bought under the influence of my mother and whenever I wear the sleeveless tank and matching cardigan I just don't feel like myself, and yet feel very "normal" and think I look more respectable in it and the color.

Sparkling Red said...

I like this palette. I wouldn't like some of the colours individually, like Salmon, but they really work well together.

sallymandy said...

Protege: I agree. Beige just doesn't work for me. See note to GF:

GF: yes, my understanding is the colors are predicted for interiors as well as clothes. The Institute even makes predictions about floral design, car colors, and other designed items; but I'm not sure if these shown here are used for those fields.

I have a similar experience with a beige sweater...had a really high quality cashmere given to me--the old fashioned kind that doesn't pill--and tried and tried to wear it. But the beige was too close to my face and just wasn't working.

Sparkling: I've seen a lot of this yellow already, even at the level of mid-market stores like Target.