Thursday, July 30, 2009

Results of Yesterday’s Reader Survey: If You Do What You Love, Will Money Follow?

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Yesterday’s post generated over 140 visits to my blog.  This was the most I’ve ever had.  Do you think this topic hit a nerve? 

Since I asked for your experiences, I’ll share mine too.  Like many of you, it’s a mixed bag.  I’ve spent my adult life parenting and working part time jobs that are kind of academic but allow me to write.  They deal with interests that matter to me.  They pay well enough. 

That’s all good.  But now I’m reconnecting with passions I had as a child, before money was any concern.  Words were there, but also the visual arts.   And also, a process was there; an attitude—of exploring, losing myself in a creative activity, seeing where it will take me, and what I can make. 

Age has convinced me that I have a contract with the universe, so to speak—or God, or whatever one chooses to call a higher power—to follow these passions.  I believe they are there for a reason.   

I spend time every day on one or  more of these passions;  blogging, gardening, flowers, or sewing.  The process is almost more important than the specific task.  I do love this.  However, it only works one day at a time.  Controlling outcomes does not work (for me).  Maybe I’ll be “led” to work harder at making money.  Maybe not.    

I deeply believe that “more will be revealed” as to what my passions are for.   And in the meantime, I’m keeping my day job….   

Survey Results: 

In doing what you love, will money follow?

(I’ve deleted some of the personal parts.  If you want the complete words, you can read yesterday’s comments.)

Imogen Lamport said...I do what I love and I'm earning a living from it. I think when you do something you love you put lots of time and energy into it, so will more likely make money if you stick to it and keep working at it.

Pyzahn said... I have not yet found my "passion", but I did walk away from a job that made me miserable and I have NO regrets.  I still thank my blessings that I'm marching to my own drummer.

Lola said... Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Protege said... It is my experience that the most happiest moments in my life have cost me no money at all. However tacky it might sound, the truth still remains - the best in life is indeed free.

Northmoon said... I'm afraid that I don't believe in the "Do what you love and the money will follow."  It's a catch 22.  I wish that there was one clear, definite right answer for me, "Here you go, you are meant to do this." People who have a calling or a passion are very lucky.

La Belette Rouge said...I keep doing what I love and the money has yet to follow. Maybe the money has followed and it didn't have my forward addressing and it was returned to sender. 

Doreen said... well, I like my job, and I make a decent living. I am thankful for my job also and the benefits that come with it.  In that way I am blessed.  But I would love to not have to work for a living! I would love to just take daily adventure with my camera. I need to win the lottery.

studioJudith said...I'm glad you added the note
"a modest living,” for I would have to say that has been my experience for the past 20 years. I've been a self employed interior designer, choosing to do what I love.  It's been quite a roller coaster.   

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...After 12 years as a staff journalist I went freelance. I always dreaded the work drying up. But it never did. New opportunities came.  I have never had ambitions to earn a fortune but simply to earn a modest living from what I enjoy doing. That is a long way of saying "yes" to your question!

Renee said... What an interesting question.  Half the time I don't even know what I would like to do.  But I think that if you love something, that money could follow it. But there would have to be balance.  You could love what you do but then you would have to market it at some point to sell it.

ethelmaepotter! said...This is a most thought-provoking question. The simple answer is no, but there is so much to consider.  My JOB allows me a bit of time and money to indulge in my passions. And, if made money on my passions, would they continue to be my passions, or would they press upon me with urgencies and deadlines, and cease to become my passions, and rather become dreaded chores?

Modest Mom said... I always find that when I'm doing what I love I can live on less and not feel deprived.

drollgirl said...I am not sure about this. I have always loved art, so i have worked in the arts for years and years. Most jobs can be rather aggravating, even in the arts, but I find if I am not surrounded by what I like it is MUCH, MUCH WORSE!

Sparkling Red said...I do love my job, although the love developed in time, like an arranged marriage.

Cynthia L. H. said... I have spent years following my dreams...usually the money followed someone else. I also spent a lot of time doing what "had to be done..." and leaving the dreams until last. Now, I have put the dreams first. There is still so much "work" involved.  I don't mind the hard work. I just really am ready for the pay-off.

Lianne said... It's good to read what others have experienced. Maybe the question for me is not doing what I love, but loving what I do.

Sher said... I say no. If you are lucky to be in a profession you love and it's making enough to live the way you want to live....then you are lucky.  Other wise there are compromises. 

tiffany said...Great question. I can't say I love what I do 100%, but a few years ago I wrote myself a list of what I wanted.  . My current freelance work landed in my lap a short time later. So I may not adore what I do, but it plays to my skills, gives me flexibility and pays very well. I never forget how lucky I am.


Lucy said...

Very interesting! How the heck did I miss this post yesterday...huh?

Survey's over, I know but I'd like to comment, if that's ok...)
If you're doing something to bring in the money- than it would be all the better if it were something you love. I think when you start out doing what you love and then want to make a living out of it- it often works. For artists, writers and all creative types though..I can't say it always turns out that way. Personally, I find that in order to find happiness while making money, I have to make sure that what I love doing is somehow part of the pricess (a good chunk of it to keep my adrenaline and spirit going). Thanks:) Wonderful post!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

These have been two great posts. So interesting to read how others experience their relationship to their work and their income. I am lucky that I do something I love and get paid well for it. However, it seems to me that those who work in the realm of the arts are never remunerated adequately for their work. Perhaps working everyday with their passion is in some ways another sort of recompense.

What does it say about us as a society that our artists are so underpaid, underfunded and under-appreciated?

Lori ann said...

dear sallymandy,

this was fun! i don't know yet, i'm just getting to the point where i'll be able to find out...i first worked to travel and survive, then after 20 years staying home raising my babies i was back to working to survive after a divorce. now i work to supplement, but soon things will change again. it will be up to me though to have the confidence to find out!!

still, i've always found a way to like, sometimes love, what i did, even when it was out of nessicity.

oh, and those things you love to do(gardening,blogging, sewing, knitting,flowers, i love too! ☺

love to you,

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm very late to this conversation. I am doing what I love - writing poetry and cultivating friends on the blog-circuit, but money isn't really coming my way (except in dribs and drabs), but then I'm not working very hard to make it a money-making venture. Fortunately, we're in a position to allow for this, but I would really hate to have to go back to a job where I'd be forced to be something I'm not.
Money is secondary.


Patsy said...

Sallymandy.... There are a lot of variables involved, and I think that luck and timing have a lot to do with it. Also: CONTACTS. The more people you know, the more LUCKY you will be, because luck usually comes from other people. (Other than the lottery)

Following one's heart.. Van Gogh did.
Following one's passion.. Bob Gates of Microsoft did.

And timing has much to do with it. If I could redo my life, I might change it to something involving writing, blogging. (Not writing a novel, though!) The computer, word processing, and the Internet have opened up new professions which were not available when I was young.

Hmmm. But there were typewriters and I had my beloved electric Smith-Corona..... maybe I copped out.

Sallymandy........... please stick on this and keep reporting back in your blog, because clearly your messages and your questions reach and touch a lot of people.

Maybe your issues are reflections for others to see. Maybe that is one of your purposes.


Cynthia L. H. said...

Fascinating post and answers, sallymandy!!!
I love your theory...doing at least one of the things you love each day. That would create a sense of peace and accomplishment.

Duchesse said...

Missed survey but wanted to say one can also "Do what you LIKE" as "love" might not earn enough to fully sustain you. It's when you do what you dislike or hate that you suffer- and so do those you work with.

Jun said...

I have closed my business a year ago to pursue/explore my childhood love affair with spirituality and geography. I don't know how the two are connected but anyway I have started my blog and

I now enjoy what I am doing and starting to earn some dollars.

Zuzana said...

It was interesting to read the opinions of others.;))
I am not surprised you got that many hits; your posts are always thought provoking and interesting.;)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Very interesting point of views from the panelsss... I'm trying very hard on this 'theory' hope it pays off soon! Money is great, but the love of money is what I need to repent-repent-repent! ~xo*

Cheryl said...

I've so enjoyed reading your last two posts and all the diverse answers. As for myself, I've believed that by doing what you love the money will follow for years. Which is currently causing me to now wonder if I'm pursuing the wrong dream, one I'm meant to make a hobby rather than a career because it's not working out the way I hoped. Or maybe current circumstances are urging me to think outside the box, explore avenues I haven't tried yet. Okay, I have no answers, I'm still on the fence with this one.

xxx said...

I'm glad I arrived here today as this is an interesting read.

In brief I'd say try to enjoy whatever you're doing.
Once you are able to define what you truely want then I think it's possible to have it.

Thanks for the opportunity to ponder this and comment.

best wishes

Jean said...

Very interesting. I do enjoy my job, but I wouldn't say it's a passion. I have been considering a change in career again, incorporating something I do really love. It's still at the thinking stage though....