Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorite Etsy Sweaters and My Own New Designs


Amelie Sweater in Cashmere and Felted Merino, Size M, Blue Kimono Studio

Is it warm yet? 

Two hours after taking the dogs for a morning walk, my legs are still thawing out.  There’s a blanket of ice in my yard, and the doors on my Subaru are frozen shut.   

The stores are stocking bathing suits, but I still need sweaters—wool sweaters!  

And I’m still making sweaters for my recycled clothing shop, Blue Kimono Studio. 

Here are a few of my favorites sweaters.  Some are my own, and some are from other Etsy sellers.   

I’m proud of the one at the top of my post.  It was featured on Etsy’s Front Page on December 28.   

burgundy heather  pullover

Burgundy Heather Pullover, Size M-L, $75 USD, RagaissanceWear. 

Ella pullover sweater with recycled cashmere and wool in red and plum

Ella Pullover Sweater with Recycled Cashmere, Size L, $168, Foundry Designs

january 5 number 2 002 

Sara Sweater in Felted Wool and Stripes, Size M, $118 USD, Blue Kimono Studio

Wow     Orange Merino

Orange Merino Felted Pullover, Size S-M, $90 USD, RagaissanceWear.

Ella pullover sweater in felted cream, taupe and cocoa wool, made from recycled knits, with red creek jasper cabochon

Ella Pullover in Felted Cream, Taupe and Cocoa Wool, Size S, $168, Foundry Designs. 

january 7 014

Amory Sweater in Wool and Felted Merino, $118, Size L, Blue Kimono Studio

How about you?  Are you ready for spring yet, or are you still pulling out your woolens? 

Have a warm and colorful weekend…love,



The Clever Pup said...

How cool is that!? Congratulations.

La Loca said...

You made it to the front page on Etsy already!!!??? Wow. Kudos!

The WalMart Vegan said...

I was stunned to see shorts in the stores...and it is running just above freezing here...amazing!

I love the items you've designed!

Marie said...

All lovely, especially yours!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
January Charmed bracelet giveaway!

Deborah said...

You've got a really unique talent, Sallymandy, all while saving the planet from tossed-out but perfectly good clothing. It's amazing how people find their niche, and you certainly seem to have yours.

I know what you mean about frozen legs. I took my son's Malamute puppy for a walk a few weeks ago in Calgary's -20F - he was in his element but my thighs had no feeling left in them after 15 minutes! Here in France it's a winter like they haven't seen for decades - almost the whole country is under snow and a loooooong way from thinking about bathing suits.

Rosaria Williams said...

These are stunningly beautiful. If I needed more sweaters/dresses, these would fill the bill. I shall keep the link.

Saz said...

these are really fab.....thanks for coming over....i wrote a lonely post on 28/12...we are in the same mould

sallymandy said...

Thanks, dear friends!

Ingrid Mida said...

Wow, how wonderful that you made it onto Etsy's front page. Well done and congratulations. It will be a long time before I can even begin to think about spring. I find January and February very bleak months in Canada!

Kat Mortensen said...

They are all nice, sallymandy, but I have to say I like yours the best! Congratulations on being featured.
The top one is so ME!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wonderful! Front page of etsy!!!!!
Now that's a big deal!

Zuzana said...

Congratulations on doing so well with your clothes! I also have to admit that the the top picture is my favorite. You have a talent in design.;)
Have a great Friday dear friend,

Frugal Scholar said...

So inspiring--aesthetically and ecologically!

Shelley said...

Featured on Etsy! I'd be really proud too. I do love those necklines ... what are they called? The rounded ones -- very flattering, I think.

Unknown said...

congratulations! your sweaters are fantastic!

Gal Friday said...

I can tell your style right away and *knew* which sweaters were your's as I scrolled down to view each one. And, what a thrill for you, having your design featured on the front page of etsy!
I am actually low in the cozy sweater department and the only really warm and cozy one is a hideous old and pill-y grey one I can only be seen in at home. I need to go sweater shopping...

Marilynne said...

I love sweaters and the ones you're showing are definitely cute.

Veronica Wald said...
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Cheryl said...

These are beautiful, really charming sweaters. They have that artsy look I really love. And congratulations on being featured on Etsy!

La Belette Rouge said...

Any chance of puppy sweaters to match your gorgeous sweaters? I would love to do a Mommy and me( westie) sweater. Am I scaring you?;-)

Really, your sweaters are so lovely! I hope 2010 is filled with dreams come true.xoxo

sallymandy said...

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate you...

whitewitch said...

The 1st, 2nd, and last one are my faves among your sweater collection posted here. No doubt that they would really feature the first one. It is just so adorable and unique!

Anonymous said...

did you get the books I left on your porch? call me. i have designed the most beautiful dark purple dress, very Deco for a March wedding. I may need your able fingers for a fitting.