Friday, January 22, 2010

New Photography by Jean Albus

Dark Before Dawn by Jean Albus

Dark Before Dawn, Jean Albus, 2010

If you were visiting my blog last year, you might remember when I posted some work by Montana artist/photographer Jean Albus.  Click here to see those posts. 

And now here’s more wonderment from Jean.  The next images are from her 2009 collection “What Else is There to Say About Land.”   

Hot Dirt by Jean Albus.

In The Grass by Jean Albus.

Into the Storm by Jean Albus.

Hay Bales by Jean Albus.

Jean’s work combines images that speak to me:  the often harsh landscape of Montana, where four generations of my family have lived; images of women; the feminine and flowing lines of beautiful fabrics and clothing. 

Somehow, these are related.    

Even I, not given to conscious stereotyping about my home state, can conjure a cowboys-and-tumbleweed image of Montana in my mind. 

But Jean’s work shows a woman here; finding her place in this land….touching, feeling, literally immersing herself in place.  In a part of the earth where geography so clearly dominates human movement, I have needed to do the same.  I have spent hours and days making my peace with the land:  leaving my footprints, ski tracks, tire marks in deep recesses of mountains where I might not be found for days if I got lost.  I have needed to lie down, dive in, dig my hands deep into the elements of the earth. 

Nowadays this urge is not so strong.  I have reached some kind of equilibrium—unconscious, mostly—with these external forms.  Always aware of them, always knowing on the edges of my consciousness that they’re there, the mountains and the forests hold me like primeval mothers’ arms.  Knowing this, I spend more time indoors, exploring the inner wilderness of line, form, and color. 

Jean Albus’ work reminds me of who I am in this place where I came into the world.


You can see more of Jean’s art, and contact her, at her gallery on Flickr.


Cynthia L. H. said...

In viewing these, I am very moved.
Amazing. I'm sorting it all out.
Wow, is all I have for now.

Deborah said...

Some of these photographs are astonishing and haunting. It's a pleasure to see the work of someone with such a unique perspective. And you, Sallymandy, are most eloquent speaking of the land you are such a part of. This was absolutely lovely to read.

Zuzana said...

Beautiful images. They have a raw, natural quality, mixed with delicate details. I guess therein lies their appeal, full of reality.

Ingrid Mida said...

What beautiful and powerful images! I love your expression "exploring the inner wilderness of line, form and colour". That is something I can relate to.
Best wishes!

La Loca said...

sallymandy--you are generous of heart and keyboard. always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts.

Suecae Sounds said...

It is great how an artist can reference such deep impressions from oneself. I hear you about the equilibrium too.

Rosaria Williams said...

Sallymandy, this is profound, universal. Your words hit a few chords with all of us.

Darla said...

Stunning work. Thank you for introducing me to this artist.


xxx said...

these images and your words paint an interesting picture/story of your homeland.

i think that some of the images are beautiful and interesting and others to me look like a fashion shoot that could be anywhere in the world.

best wishes

beautiful of the earth said...

those are really cool, sallymandy. but i think you need to update your blog!


Anonymous said...

Out in the wilderness of Montana, most folks would think that woman has lost it. Still I see the smooth beauty of her contrasted with the wild landscape.