Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Shoes on Etsy. It’s That Time Again.

vintage patent leather slides

Orange patent leather slides, vintage, $45, HazeyJaneVintage

Every few months I do a post on vintage shoes on Etsy—because it’s so fun and because we all seem to love shoes.  Last week I posted about second-hand shoes I’ve bought recently.  Here are some others you might like, all from Etsy

I love the variety, style, and originality in these designs.  


Above:  Vintage El Dante leather platforms, $288, IKAHN

vintage shoes on etsy

Above:  70s tribute to Daisy Duke, $28, Star1312’s shop

  vintage green John Fluevogs on Etsy

Above:  Vintage John Fluevogs, $58, from photographicamy

Vintage sandals on Etsy

Above:  White leather gladiator sandals from the 1980s, $42, from Atticgoods.

1930s vintage suede shoes

Above:  Vintage purple/blue suede shoes from 1930s or 1940s, $125, JustSmashingDarling

vintage Italian leather flats on Etsy

Above:  Vintage, never-worn Italian slip-ons, $100, LauroRighi

vintage nautical deck shoes

Above:  1950s nautical deck shoes, $44, Thrush

  vintage Joseph La Rose snakeskin flats

Above:  Vintage orange –toe 1960s Joseph La Rose snakeskin flats, $60, whitedovenycvintage

vintage leather ankle boots

Above:  Vintage brown leather ankle boots with straps, $159, santokivintage


Above:  Vintage patchwork wedge heels, $50, 2palmsvintage

vintage leather loafers

Above:  Vintage 1970s tan leather loafers with wedge heel, $32, TheRubyKitten.  

vintage floral go go boots

Above:  Vintage floral go go boots from 1960s, $200, Retrothreadz

vintage suede stilettos

Above:  Olive green suede stilettos, $45, SkinnyandBernie.

Which are your favorites?  Have you found any second-hand shoe treasures lately? 




Midlife Roadtripper said...

I like the gladiator sandals and the vintage blue suede. Unfortunately for me these days, my feet seem to flop into Birkenstocks more often than not. Not too much to view with those.

Saz said...

fab !!!! l had some of those....luv them all..
saz x

ceecee said...

Hi Sallymandy,
Well, I'd have to say the purple suede ones. I haven't bought new shoes in quite awhile. Honestly, I live a barefoot life. Not sure if that's a good thing, but look at the money I save!

sallymandy said...

Midlife: Me, too. My Haviana flipflops are my go-to shoes in the summer.

Saz: you did? Which ones?!

Catherine: I live barefoot as much as I can, too. I love these shoes but I don't wear shoes that much. Hmm.

La Belette Rouge said...

Wowza!!!! What great finds!!! That said, I am still afraid of used shoes.;-)
Happy weekend!

Grey Ghost said...

Hi.Joyce,my late partner,would have loved the purple/blue,are they as old as that,they look 50s to me.Joyce was an actor,she would find the shoes first to get the walk,then the character.Only then would she worry about the rest of the costumes.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh my gosh! Those orange flower sandals - I had a pair very similar when was...8?...9? Mine were blue and pale yellow, and I wore them EVERYWHERE; I thought them quite the most lovely things in the world.

One night we went to the drive-in to see Mary Poppins (see how long ago this was?) Like all families, we spread a blanket and relaxed, and when it was time to go, I could find only one of beloved shoes. We searched in the darkness in vain. The next day, Daddy and I drove back and looked again, but the place had been thoroughly cleaned and the shoes were forever gone.

Great memories!

VICTORIA said...

those vintage style of shoes are beautiful but the purple suede i liked the most :)