Monday, February 2, 2009

Restored: Risk-Free Updates For Twyla Tweeners

“Twyla Tweener” is a name for all of us in this life stage between “young” and “old.” A lot of us feel or have felt it’s selfish or superficial to devote much time to our appearance. But we still care about it.

Here are some ideas I'm using as I leave my fashion past behind and live in the present. They aren't meant to be rules. But I needed some new ideas to help me feel good in my clothes as my body and life changes.

1. Make a new color combination from things you own. By new, I mean break a rule that’s maybe left over from the 1980s or 1990s. I like dark brown (“espresso”) with black or navy. I think it works best to do this with simple pieces like a t-shirt and jeans.

2. Reconsider dainty jewelry. Small works if it’s modern or classic, but cutesy or old-fashioned can look...old-fashioned.

3. Try the “Golden Ratio” applied to combining pieces: 60% non controversial or “boring” items, and 40% funky or creative.

4. Try this. Make an unbroken line with a well-fitting bottom and top of similar value. Then accessorize. It doesn’t feel like a formula if you wear pieces you like. I have to admit all-black seems slightly costumey to me, because it's a standard trick. The idea, I think, is to tweak a standard trick enough to feel individual.

5. Put thought into shoes. Try to find one pair in your closet that has style as well as practicality. Wear every day if necessary. I like sneakers for exercise only, unless they have some inherent style value, like Converse.

6. Have something to look at around your face. Glasses count as an accessory. One or two other things are enough, but I think four are too many. Color is good.

7. Try some white around your face. Lots of people have said this, and I agree. It looks good on everyone. I don’t, however, care for flipping one's collar up to elongate the neckline; I think it looks like flipping up your collar to elongate the neckline, because I don't see anyone else doing it.

8. Wear at least one makeup product. This is for those of us who are afraid of looking "done up."

9. Look for chunky accessories.

10. Put your hair in a style that puts most of the volume above your nose.

11. Cinch up bra straps.

12. Avoid decorations on body parts you don’t care for.

Have fun! And let me know how these work!

Some of these ideas originally came from Kendall Farr's book, The Pocket Stylist, or Sherrie Mathieson's book, Forever Cool. Some I made up myself.

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Patsy said...

Well well well. I understand you and I applaud you. Last month or so I wrote a bunch of posts that supposedly only young young women would be interested in.

I am 65, and there is a fine line drawn/imposed on us at this age and older, and sometimes i agree with it and other times I scream NO! I do not want to go gentle into that good night. I want to wear my lipstick and my smokey eye liner.