Friday, February 27, 2009

Should I Keep My Blog Going? YES

I dreamed last night about losing something I loved. I didn't know when I started blogging that I'd get emotionally attached to the results of a bunch of electronic blips on screen. What I'm really attached to is creating something. Indecisive creative that I am, I've dipped my toes in arts of many types. I was a finalist in a national fiction contest--once. I produced a nice botanical drawing--once. I published a poem--once.

This year I made a commitment to sticking with something. It had to be accessible; combine my love of writing, visual arts, connecting with other people; and be free. Welcome blogging.

Flightiness has led me to lose things before: a favorite coat; a term paper. But last week I lost all my posts to date--over fifty of them. Just gone into the blogosphere, ZAP. When I revisited the "Label Action" function this morning, I had to conclude that my posts were lost due to an error with the program--not me. The helper people at Blogger have confirmed that. Some people--apparently not all--have this bug in their accounts. And I'm one of them.
So, I don't trust the program. However, I'm going to continue, just be wiser. I really like doing this and feel connected to the lovely people who are also invested in this.

Last summer we vacationed in Washington state. At the begging of 11-year-old daughter, we drove through Forks, where the Twilight book series is based. My husband saw this sign on a local motel. The light's on the YES!


Anonymous said...

That's terrible! Don't quit...

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Stick with it, stick with it, stick with it! I've only just started visiting you! So sorry about the trouble. I try to never push a button unless it's absolutely necessary. Some of my earlier posts probably aren't even labeled! Do you make sure that a copy is at least e-mailed to you so you have a record? Under settings - go to email - it will tell you that you can add up to 10 email addresses that will be sent as soon as you post. I always mail one to myself, print it, and then archive it. Here is something about how to get help on blogger - try this -

Hope it's a help.

Thanks for the comments about my photos. Much appreciated.

Hang in there,


Working mum said...

Oh, how awful losing your posts!

They are still in Google Reader (which is where I've been reading them) so if you can physically get to someone who has you in their reader you could cut and paste them back into your blog. (I subscribe to my own blog for that reason)

I was going to comment on fashion and style, but losing your posts seems much more important.

Blog on! WM x

Profoundly Superficial said...

That's awful!!! But yes, please keep going. You're doing great!! Fancy exchanging links??

Protege said...

I so understand what you mean,I was considering it for a while before I started to write my blog. I always thought; who could possibly like to read my ramblings.;)
I love writing my blog, it is at times an addiction. But then again, sometimes I feel like I need to take a brake. And the good thing is, I can and nothing bad will happen.
Stick with it, I love your place.;)

Lorna said...

You're doing a great job and you must keep at it; however, I do understand the dilettante spirit because I have always had it or been one.

The issue of losing your posts concerns me because yes, it could happen to anyone.

This is one of the things that i like about WordPress: WORDPRESS BACKS UP EVERYONE'S BLOG!! I have one blog with them and one with Blgger and each one has its distinct advantages.

By the way, your blog design is quite appealing.