Thursday, February 26, 2009

Restored Favorite Tree #1

Thanks to all the readers new and old who gave me wonderful comments on the Favorite Trees I had posted today. I can't get your comments back, but please leave new ones in the future.

Here's what my original Favorite Tree #1 post said:

Protege at Life, Work and Pleasure gave me a tag to do Ten Favorite Things that start with T. I groveled around until I realized how many of them have to do with trees. The trees in this and the next 9 posts are trees that mean a lot to me, mostly because of experiences I shared with loved ones in, on, or around them.

This one is my earliest favorite. It's my rendition of the apple tree in the backyard where I grew up. My sister and I spent hours there. The bucket is what we used to pull up our lunches. The sneakers (which kind of look more like boudoir slippers) represent us, up in the tree, barefoot.

Thanks, Protege!

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Gal Friday said...

Horrible--what happened to you with losing your posts here!! And I was just getting to know this blog and had wanted to read some of your older entries.
Ah, well..I did get a chance to see all your trees yesterday and thought it a great idea for "T". I'll look forward to reading more here(hope Blogger doesn't lose any more)