Sunday, March 1, 2009

Favorite New (To Me) Artist--Jean Albus

Photographer Jean Albus uses vintage dresses photographed near her small Montana town to "address the harsh grandeur and sweetness of the landscape." Jean is known for her self-portraits. Of these pieces, she says "It's like the dresses are a surrogate of myself trying to figure out what my place is in this landscape, how I feel about it, my emotional connection to it."

With these vintage dresses, Jean's photographs take me back to my childhood in Montana and some even earlier time--a time before I was born, but which I heard told so often from my grandmother that I feel I lived in it, too.

Keep scrolling down for a series of Jean's photographs.

Quoted text taken from "In the Breeze," by Erika Frederickson, Missoula Independent February 19-26, 2009. All photos posted with permission. If you click here you can get Jean's contact information as well as see more photos--and larger images of these. Like many local artists, Jean sells her work at reasonable prices.


Zuzana said...

I visited the site you linked to; the dresses are lovely! I love everything and anything vintage. I also love the way she presents the fashion, by incorporating it into the nature. This indeed appeals to me.;) What a great post.
By the way, did you posted any pictures in this post? They seem not to appear to me.;)

dig this chick said...

So cool to Jean's work on your blog! Thanks for your comment...yes, I was one of the mamas by choice at the BMC fashion show. So sad to hear you lost all of your posts?! That freaked me right out and I plan to back up both of my blogs today!