Monday, September 14, 2009

“We have not come here to take prisoners…”


“…but to surrender ever more deeply to freedom and joy. “

“Run my dear

from anything

that may not strengthen

your budding wings.” 

“For we have not come here to take prisoners

Or to confine our wondrous spirits

But to experience ever and ever more deeply

Our divine courage, freedom, and Light.”

…The Sufi poet Hafiz


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Beautiful words

Saz said...

please say this is a cgi or photoshop job!! Heart in throat!!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

" . . .(n)or to confine our wondrous spirits . . ." ahhhh yes.

Frugal Scholar said...

I've developed a terrible fear of heights in the last few years....but the words are great.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Beautifully said.
That photo is scary...

Lola xx (thanks for your lovely email, friend)