Friday, September 11, 2009

Vintage Shoes and Boots on Etsy

Ultimate Vintage Leather Patchwork Boots With Stacked Wood Heels 8.5 9

Vintage leather patchwork boots, size 8.5 or 9 US.  MotherMidnight.  $150 USD.  How cool are these?  And they don’t match—even better!  If these fit me, I’d be all over them.   Sadly, they don’t fit me. 

Beautiful Black Leather PRADA Shoes 37  1/2

Beautiful black leather Prada chunky heels.  Size 7 or 37.5.  Noellerodrigues.  $125 USD. 

FREE SHIPPING Armani Vintage Platform Heels Black Leather 39 / 9

Vintage Armani black leather heels.  Size 9 US.  Heatergirlie.  $75 USD. 

GUCCI BOOTS size 35 or 5

1960s Gucci Boots.  Size 35 or 5.  BackThennishVintage.  $195 USD.

Vintage BRUNO MAGLI Lace-up Granny Boots

Vintage Bruno Magli lace-up granny boots.  Size 6.5 or 36.5.  Thegreedyseagull.  $68 USD. 


1960s yellow suede ankle straps.  BackThennishVintage.  $34 USD. 

RARE Vintage NORMAL KAMALI Sculptural Wedge Shoes

Vintage Norma Kamali leather wedges.   Size 8.5 US.  Traven7.  $145 USD. 

Balenciaga Vintage 70s Green Patent Leather Heels Size 7

Balenciaga 1970s vintage green leather sandals.  Size 7 US.   Longagomemories.  $49.95 USD. 


1970s skyscraper snakeskin shoes, never worn.   Size 7.5 US.  CosasRaras.  $90 USD. 

70s Go-Go RETRO SHOES spain sz 8B

1970s retro leather heels.  Size 8B US.  RetroLane.  $70 USD. 

Vintage 80s NEON Lime Green GUESS Pumps Size 10 - Euro 42

Vintage 1980s neon green kitten heel pumps by Guess.  Size 10 or 42.  Retrothreadz.  $65 USD. 




Saz said...

boots are made for walking huh??

yesterday I spent all morning steaming my new sock for my new look shop which is being moved to Etsy after 7 years flying solo...hope its the right decision...

photo shoot next week, so hope to get some great press for christmas..

drop by soon...

Zuzana said...

Wow, I love them all, particularly the first top five.;))
Now I am in the mood for shopping.;))
Have a lovely Friday.;)

Diana said...

I love that first pair of boots! The patchwork is awesome!

The WalMart Vegan said...

I love the top boots and the last green shoes best. I always have a hard time shopping for shoes online.

Duchesse said...

Those Armani heels make my heart stop! I searched Etsy yesterday for my size but turned up mostly frumpy knit slippers. Clearly more selection with smaller sizes.

Rosaria Williams said...

Great boots. The price is good too.

La Belette Rouge said...

Those green kitten heels are very Kate Spade looking. Love them and they are my size!!!

Sheila said...

I love those green kitten heels - and they are my size too...although I just can't shop online - I need to touch and feel things and try them on. It's a character flaw, haha, but I probably save a lot of money!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Those Armani shoes and the embroidered black and white beauts have stolen another piece of my heart, Sallymandy - What fine taste you have, mon amie! x

studioJudith said...

Love Norma .. . always have:
those Kamali wedges are especially tempting!

Unknown said...

wow! blast from the past. memories....... :-)

Jean said...

I looked at all of them and was disappointed that they were all quite clumpy (clumpy + tall + overweight is not a good combo)until the last photo of the green kitten heels. They're much more me.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for including me in your blog posting. xxox


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