Friday, June 5, 2009

Really Cool Trees and A Week’s Worth of Gratitude

Have you ever heard someone say she (or he) was used as a conduit by some higher creative force in the act of writing, or painting, or doing some other artistic thing?

I’ve had that experience only once or twice in my life—years ago.  And I’ve had it this week.  Many people responded sincerely, honestly, and with depth to my posts about depression.  By yesterday, I realized this was having a deeper effect on me than I’d thought.  The writing came from a deep place in me—a place that doesn’t see the light that much.  If it was helpful to anyone, I’d put myself at the top of the list.   

I have been deeply touched by what people have written and shared.  One reader told me how much meditating an hour a day helps her.  This morning, I meditated for about twenty minutes and vowed to try her method.  I thought a friend who shared concern about her mother’s depression; and another who lost a beloved family member to this disease.   I was overwhelmed this morning with the human connections I’ve made in the last four days. 

In the end I’m grateful to have had a venue for sharing my experience and hope, and to all who took part in the conversation.  I do have more to say, but it’s going to be another day. 


This weeks also contained some new horizons for my job.  The synchronicity of life has arranged it so that the rewards of blogging help me be more confident and creative in that part of my life.  Knowing I have a supportive network of fascinating, caring and deeply human friends out there fills me up.  (Then again, there’s a downside—like the day I started to sign an email to my boss with “xoxoxo  Sallymandy”—but that doesn’t happen very often.)   

There’s been so much creative energy around my blog and my job that I’m worn out today—in a good and satisfying way. 

So, I’m doing other things.  This morning, I had a relaxing hour outside at a European-style cafe with friends.  In addition to a huge glass of fresh orange juice, I enjoyed the little trained lilac trees near us, and a shrub of the largest and most stunning red and yellow columbines I’ve ever seen.   I wandered home on my bike through my green and flowering neighborhood—it was sunny and a bit breezy, not hot, not cool.  I’m ignoring the laundry and the end-of-week piles of stuff around the house.  After posting this, I’m going to take a nap.  I’m looking forward to catching up on my blog visiting and reading.   

Happy Weekend.  xoxoxo Sallymandy (because you are not my boss)



La Belette Rouge said...

The trees, the expanded creativity, the job news, and the gratitude are all so beautiful---and inspiring. xoxo( because I don't have a boss;-)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog.

Yesterday I drove south on the Pacific Coast Highway near San Diego. The ocean was unbelievable - a dark turquoise, with white as light foam on top of the waves. It was cool and a weekday so the beaches weren't full of people.

It was incredibly lovely. I wish I had a picture, but a picture never quite captures it. Somethings you just need to see and appreciate and remember.

Wishing you a good weekend.


Rosaria Williams said...

Yeah, naps. They are very, very good for us.

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

This is the unexpected joy of blogging - the connections you make, which are real and human.

Have a great and relaxing weekend. xx

vicki archer said...

Brilliant posts and they are posts to read and re-read. Happy, restful weekend, xv.

angela recada said...

I'm glad you took some time to relax, and I hope you have a deliciously relaxing weekend, too.


(P.S.: Those tree photos are fabulous!)

Unknown said...

Have a lovely and relaxing weekend Sallymandy.


Lucy said...

Happy weekend Sallymandy-Enjoy:)And- thank you so much for a very therapeutic week. xoxox

ceecee said...

Sounds like you had a nice day and it has made me feel happy too just hearing of how you took some time to have some different pleasures.
You were so generous with your comments. You've lifted up many people this weekend, I am certain of that.
Love to you,

Pyzahn said...

Naps are a great way to reconnect with the creative spirit. And then or course there are dreams to guide us.

Yes I believe we are outlets for a higher level of creative direction. Getting out of our own way is usually the biggest challenge.

And the trees are absolutely beautiful.

Patsy said...

You know when you are on the right path. Ideas come to you, connections are made, things make sense and you feel good.

Write about whatever makes you feel this way.


Jamtart said...

Sallymandy you are a talented and inspiring woman - its a privilege to be able to read your blog.
I'm highly envious of your weekend! There's nothing in the world as nourishing and invigorating as a couple of days spent reading, napping and enjoying the company of friends. Unfortunately, no such joy for me this weekend. Mine will be spent child wrangling and entertaining The In-Laws, so I shall have to relax vicariously!
Columbines are one of my favorite flowers! Sadly, they don't enjoy the climate here, so I haven't seen one in a very long time.
Happy weekend to you too, my dear!

Seeker said...

Such a deep and touching post, my dear.

Oh I laughed because at my job we have an aplication that manages our mail and we write our informations and studies about that issue and send to the next phase, that for me is most of the times my chief. And many times I see myself ended with a xoxo just before clicking the send button lol

Love always coming to your blog and read your posts (pity I haven't more time, you always bring my deep thoughts anad feelings to surface (pity I always don't know how to express them and don't write them properly because of not being an english spoken. when I do my posts I have the dictionary near me and "word" helps me too, when I comment I'm by my own)

Thank you also so much for your comments on my blog. I also need to know I'm more than just a picture with clothes.

Hope you'll have a rested body and soul weekend.

Lots of love

xoxo (because you're not my chief, but my friend)

Anonymous said...

Blogging has become so much a part of my life that it is just a mite scary. I mean what would I do if, for some reason I had to let it go. In one swoop I would lose my connection to so many friends, ideas, ideals,cultures.
I know I'll never see...a poem lovelier than a tree. Yours are stunning.

Ingrid Mida said...

You gave many people a precious gift this week - the gift of yourself. I'm glad that you took the time to replenish yourself. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Sometimes our most poignant words arrive when we are deep inside ourselves. Sounds like you are noticing the right things now. Perhaps we need to go to those places now and then so we can come out anew.

Zuzana said...

Happy to hear that you feel better and creative as well.;))
I hope your weekend is lovely too.;))
I will not be visiting in the next 20 days starting Monday, as I am traveling, but I hope to catch up on my return.;))

Lori ann said...

Hi SallyMandy, what beautiful posts I've just read, and your photos also. Your blog has such a soothing comforting feel to it. I am glad you are having such a lovely weekend.
take good care,

Woman in a Window said...

It's amazing what can expand our horizons. Glad yours are growing.