Thursday, May 7, 2009

There are Worse Things to Be than Friendly, Sexy, and Creative

Kat set the bar high by showing justification for the Sexy Blogger Award.  She posted photos of all manner of tasteful-yet-sexy images from around her house.  When she passed this on to me, I got a case of “Justify Why I’m Sexy Block”—a close cousin to Writer’s Block, about which I’ve recently posted.  After all, I don’t want to sound UNGRATEFUL, but for what other award does one have to justify getting it?! 

Being a people-pleasing, compliant sort, I did my best.  I turned again to the Internet Fairy and asked her “What is sexy?”  This is what she told me. 

Typography is sexy.

Procurement Reform is Sexy. Honest.

Silence is sexy.

Good Credit is Sexy.

Voting is Sexy, Dude.

Radiant Flooring Is Sexy.

Severus Snape is Sexy.

Teeth Chiseling is Sexy.

………And here’s my favorite, which really does suit me, since I love nature and am somewhat geeky………

Nature is sexy. And geeks are part of nature,

therefore geeks are sexy.

Gotta Love That!  The Internet Fairy comes through once again, and now I’ve earned my award.  

Now, to honor the Kreativ Blogger Award from Malisa, I’m supposed to list

seven things sallymandy loves.  here they are: 

hazelnut coffee


my european-style cruiser bicycle


applying my brain to something challenging (yet interesting.  not talking checkbook balancing)

moving water

broad shoulders—my hubby’s

Thank you to the creative, sexy, friendly and lovely friends who passed these on to me.  I love and appreciate you—and your blogs!  

 onelovelyblogfromlola Kreativ_Bloggerfrommalisa

From Lola                                    From Malisa


  From Kat (very funny, Gato)              From Ms Lucy

I’d like to pass on the One Lovely Blog Award to Relyn at Come Sit By My Fire.  Kreativ Blogger goes to Stephanie at Circle of Clothes.  Sexy Blogger must, of course, go to Drollgirl—if you don’t already have it.  And the Friendly Blogger Award could go to so many, but I’d like to hand it over to Sher at Fashion Over Forty.


Happy Thursday….♥♥♥


Saz said...

the nature of generous bloggers how FAB is this!! great post..

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Wow~ Congrats 4X is definitely in order! Fabuloussss...

Zuzana said...

Congratulations on all your awards, you deserve those and many more.;))
What an amusing list over things that the net thinks are sexy.;))
And I can totally agree with the things you love.;)
Ah, I have not had hazelnut coffee for over a decade; it used to be my favorite when I lived in NC.;))
Have likewise a wonderful Thursday, we are one day closer to the weekend.;))

Stephanie N. said...

Oh, wow! My first blog award... I feel like I've been granted membership in a cool nerds club. The warm and fuzzy feeling that I get from being part of this kind and welcoming online community just went into overdrive. Thanks, sallymandy!

I'm sure glad you didn't pass the Sexy Blogger award on to me - whew, that must have been a lot of pressure! You handled it with panache. Congratulations on getting all these awards!

The WalMart Vegan said...

What wonderful awards. I've been missing your posts. I think the Geeks part is my favorite. I like all the things you seem to like, too, except I don't have a bike.

Pyzahn said...

I think this would be Kudos Squared (is that the correct math term for in the quadruple?)

Very much deserved, sallymandy.

That whole what is sexy thing would make a good blog poll.

Rosaria Williams said...

This was fun. Fun is sexy!

Seeker said...

Congratulation on all your awards


Eleonora Baldwin said...

Congratulations on your award extravaganza!!! All well-deserved, especially the sexy one. I agree with what you say about Nature. And broad male shoulders.

Ciao hot, creative, friendly and good looking Sallymandy!

Woman in a Window said...

thank god geeks are sexy. Who knew? Congratulations on your take!

drollgirl said...

thank god the definition for sexy is more broad now! yay! we can all be sexy! and you totally deserve all of these awards. :) and thank you for passing one on to me, too. :)

Unknown said...

These awards couldn't go to a more deserving person, congratulations Sallymandy!

And thank you for passing one of these awards on to me! That was so nice of you! You were one of the first people to publicly follow my blog and I appreciate that :)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your awards! You deserve it, your blog just feels like fun and creative energy.

Unknown said...

congrats on your "many" awards! well deserved and love the definitions of sexy. I asked "my boyfriend at the time" once what sexy was to him. he said confidence. you certainly have that also.

Maria Killam said...

And you so deserve all these awards because your blog is fabulous!

sallymandy said...

Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments. ♥♥♥

Gal Friday said...

Oh hey..I am a day behind, but want to congratualte you n your awards!
I like that you you love lilacs(our bush is about to bloom, but I think we'll miss it since I'll be away this weekend..), and broad shoulders. ;-) That is one of the sexiest things, to me, about my husband--his broad back--I love just looking at it first thing in the morning when I wake up.
And yeah...Severus Snape IS sexy.

Kat Mortensen said...

Shoot! Sorry I'm so darned late...sick cat, training mom on her

I think everything on your bottom list would be on mine (I'd love to have your bike - can you post a pic?)

As for the sexy list - Good on you! (Wish I'd thought of that. It does kind of throw your for a loop doesn't it? I just wandered around my small house, camera in hand and voila!)
I'm assuming Severus Snape is Alan Rickman? Well, he can be sort of sexy, I suppose. (In a Slithy Toves sort of way.)

Don't forget: your blue kimono is sexy!


Jean said...

Wow, what a sexy post. Well done on getting so many awards, you sexy thing you!